Davido says making 'Timeless' album was like a healing process
Davido says making 'Timeless' album was like a healing process

Davido says making ‘Timeless’ album was like a healing process

Davido says making ‘Timeless’ album was like a healing process

Davido recently offered a glimpse into the artistic journey that led to the creation of his fourth studio album, ‘Timeless.’

Released on March 31, 2023, the album swiftly carved its path to record-breaking commercial success while basking in the glow of widespread critical acclaim.

This milestone further cements Davido’s legacy as a trailblazer, showcasing his ability to seamlessly weave together musical prowess, global appeal, and a philanthropic spirit that transcends boundaries.

In an exclusive interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Davido provided fascinating insights into the intricate and personal journey behind the creation of his latest album, which has recently garnered a prestigious 2024 Grammy nomination for Best Global Album.

The megastar opened up about the intimate nature of the album-making process, describing it as a therapeutic experience following the challenges he faced in 2022.

Davido revealed that he undertook the recording of the album within the confines of his own home, where he resided with his wife and close family members.

The environment, consisting of only himself, his wife, and her sisters, along with a close friend staying with them, provided a serene backdrop for the artist to delve into his creative zone.

He expressed that this setting allowed him the precious time to reflect, heal, and rediscover the joy of making music.

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Reflecting on this period, Davido shared, “Me and the engineer. I actually recorded most of this album in my house where I live with my wife. So it was really only me, her and her sisters at the time, and then I had one of my boys staying with me.

But it gave me time to really calm down and yeah, it was a healing process because I was happy that, oh, I’m waking up today. I’m making music today.

You know what I’m saying? I’m excited.”

During the interview, Davido also shed light on the meticulous process of song selection for the album.

Initially shortlisting a staggering 28 songs, he shared his routine of playing the entire collection during his gym sessions.

This ritual not only served as a source of personal motivation but also allowed him to envision the audience’s reactions and anticipate the impact of each track.

I used to wake up, I remember, sometimes I’d be tired. So, what I used to do is that I’d play, because I was in the gym, the songs that I had made for the album.

It was 28 songs after we’d kind of trickled it down, so I’d play the album from one to 28.

So the whole time I’m gyming, I’m happy, it’s new music, I’m already imagining. I’m already imagining how people going to react to it,” Davido shared.

He emphasized the significance of ensuring the quality of the music matched the heightened expectations surrounding his return to the music scene after a challenging period.

As the interview unfolded, Davido touched upon the intricate details of the creative process, highlighting how the final selection of 17 songs seamlessly came together, not just as individual tracks but as a cohesive body of work.

This in-depth glimpse into the artist’s journey offers fans and music enthusiasts a richer understanding of the passion, dedication, and resilience that went into the making of an album that has now been recognized on the global stage with a prestigious Grammy nomination.

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