BBNaija star Angel shares her opinion on the dangers of Plastic Surgery
BBNaija star Angel shares her opinion on the dangers of Plastic Surgery

BBNaija star Angel shares her opinion on the dangers of Plastic Surgery

BBNaija star Angel shares her opinion on the dangers of Plastic Surgery

Reality TV star Angel Smith, renowned for her appearance on Big Brother Naija, recently took to her Twitter account on November 17, 2023, to impart valuable advice to women regarding plastic surgery.

Emphasizing the importance of being comfortable in one’s own skin, she cautioned against opting for procedures without thorough research.

In a thoughtful tweet, Angel underscored the alarming death toll associated with Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs), a detail often overlooked in the pursuit of aesthetic alterations.

She urged women to exercise caution and diligence in selecting qualified professionals, steering clear of quack doctors who may compromise safety.

Her heartfelt message extended beyond cautionary words, as she encouraged her female followers to embrace self-love and acceptance.

Angel expressed, “Please do your research before getting plastic surgery. You could really just die for nothing.

I also encourage women to please love their bodies; y’all are really beautiful, and don’t let anyone, even yourselves, convince you otherwise.

But if you must, please do proper research; most of these doctors are quacks.”

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Acknowledging a pervasive lack of information surrounding surgical alterations, Angel delved into the hidden aspects of the process.

She shed light on the often undisclosed challenges of recovery post-operation, pointing out that the popularized hourglass figure comes at a potential cost.

“People will get their bodies done and not show how hellish it was during recovery, and the death toll for BBLs is really high; people go into it like it’s nothing,” she continued.

The narrative expanded to address the global trend of Brazilian butt lifts, commonly known as BBLs, capturing the fascination of women seeking the coveted ‘coke bottle body’ or hourglass shape.

Angel’s cautionary tale reached beyond her own experiences, resonating with the larger discourse on the risks associated with this particular form of plastic surgery.

Even within the realm of Nigerian celebrities, the allure of the hourglass figure has not gone unnoticed. Many women in the public eye have openly shared their experiences with body alterations.

Despite the surge in popularity, Angel highlighted a crucial point often disregarded—BBLs are recognized as the most perilous form of plastic surgery, a fact attested to by medical professionals.

In conclusion, Angel Smith’s candid advice serves as a timely reminder for women to prioritize their well-being and make informed decisions when it comes to embracing body modifications, steering clear of potential dangers in the pursuit of aesthetic ideals.

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