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Woman to Sweep Ogun Secondary School for Invading Premises with Hoodlums

An Ota magistrate court has sentenced a woman, Mrs. Biola Joshua to sweeping the premises of a secondary school in Ado-Odo for six months.

She was convicted on Wednesday for invading Iju-Ebiye high school, Ado-Odo on March 11, 2021 along with her son and hoodlums, and assaulted the principal and health officer of the school.

The prosecutor said the accused, with her son and the hooligans who are still at large, inflicted bodily injury on the school officials.

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The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges proffered against her.

The magistrate, Shotunde Shotayo, sentenced the woman to sweep the premises of the school from 8 am to 11 am daily for six months.

He also directed that the secondary school should open a log book for the convict where her daily activities would be recorded during the period.

The magistrate gave a fine option of 30 thousand naira payable to the principal, and the teacher they injured during the invasion of the school.

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