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Us Warns Russia for Refusing to Rule out Nuclear Weapons Option in Ukraine

Russia has threatened that president Putin could use nuclear weapons if it faced “an existential threat in its ongoing invasion of Ukraine”

Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov told CNN international that nuclear Weapons could be used if Russia faced an “existential threat”.

Department of defense spokesman, John Kirby said Russia’s nuclear remarks were “dangerous”, adding that this not the way a responsible nuclear power should act.

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But Kirby added that pentagon officials have not seen anything that would lead the US to conclude that we need to change its strategic deterrent posture.

According to him us is monitoring this as best it can every day.

Putin put his country’s nuclear forces on special alert on 27 February, but western Defense officials said afterwards they had not seen any significant sign of Russia’s strategic bombers, missiles and submarines being mobilized.

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