Ukraine Calls For More Weapons From Nato
Via Reuters

Ukraine Demands More Weapons from NATO to Fight Russian Forces

Ukraine’s foreign minister has issued a “very simple” call for more weapons from NATO countries to help saves lives.

Ahead of meeting with his NATO counterparts in person, Dmytro Kuleba says his agenda is “simple” and Ukraine is confident the best way to defeat Russia is with more weapons from NATO.

Kuleba is meeting with his NATO counterparts at a summit in Brussels, as part of their discussions of how best to arm Ukraine against renewed Russian military attacks expected in the east of the country.

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Speaking with reporters before the meeting, he says without “sustainable and sufficient supplies” of weapons Ukrainian victories will be accompanied by “enormous sacrifices”.

Kuleba adds the sooner more supplies arrive, the more human lives, towns and cities will be saved from destruction the world saw in Bucha.

Britain’s foreign secretary Liz Truss has said that an era of engagement with Russia over European security is over.

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