Men Arrested For Trafficking Human Genitals In Mozambique
Via Clubofmozambique

Traffickers of Male Human Genitals Arrested in Mozambique

The Mozambican authorities are detaining two men found attempting to sell severed male human genitals.

The human genitals are reported to belong to a man who was murdered in the Milange area of Zambézia province that borders Malawi.

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The suspected traffickers, aged 29 and 32 respectively, are said to have contacted a local trader and proposed to him to buy the organs.

The trader, António Chicopa, contacted the local authorities who subsequently laid an ambush on the suspects.

The two suspects are in police custody waiting to be taken to court.

Mr. Chicopa said he has since been shunned by people for his role in the arrests.

Milange district commander, Alice Evaristo, said police were still investigating the matter.

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