Russia Gives Fresh Ultimatum

Russia Gives Ukrainian Forces Trapped in Mariupol Fresh Ultimatum

Russia has given Ukrainian forces in Mariupol a fresh ultimatum to lay down their weapons by 11:00 GMT today.

They are holed up in a huge steelworks complex at the moment.

The port city is surrounded but still has not fallen, and Ukraine’s foreign minister said Russia has decided to raze it to the ground.

A marine commander in the last Ukrainian stronghold in the besieged city of Mariupol issued a video message in the early hours of Wednesday morning saying his men might have only hours left.

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In a video sent to the media, major Serhiy Volyna said his troops would not surrender, but he pleaded for international assistance for the 500 wounded soldiers and hundreds of women and children he said were hiding with them at a steel plant in the city.

Major Volyna said this is their last address to the world before the fresh ultimatum, warning it may be their last one ever.

He sent a distress call on world leaders to help them to organize an extraction to take us to a third country.”

The city’s deputy mayor says around 130,000 citizens have been blockaded in the besieged city for 50 days and are struggling to find food, water, and medicine,

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