Imran Khan Faces Removal From Office

Pakistan President Faces Likely Removal from Office

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan could face removal from office this weekend, after the country’s top court ruled his move to block a no-confidence vote was unconstitutional.

Last Sunday, Mr. Khan’s ruling party blocked a no-confidence vote which he was widely expected to lose.

His government then dissolved parliament and called a snap election.

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Furious opposition members launched an appeal with the Supreme Court to decide the legality of the blocked vote.

The Supreme Court on Thursday night has now ordered parliament to reconvene on Saturday to proceed with the vote, which is expected to go against Mr. Khan.

In the event the removal from office happens, the opposition parties are expected to appoint a new prime minister who can hold power until august 2023, when a new election is scheduled to be held.

In response to this, Mr. Khan announced that he had called a cabinet meeting and would address the nation on Friday evening.

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