NCS Warns Against Prison Inmates’ Stigmatization
Via Tribune Online

NCS Warns Against Prison Inmates’ Stigmatization

The Nigerian Correctional Service has warned members of the public to stop rejecting or stigmatizing prison inmates after regaining their freedom.

According to the agency, ex-convicts granted amnesty under the law have equal rights as other Nigerians and should be accorded respect.

The agency says some of the ex-convicts are forced to return to their old ways of life because of the stigmatization by the society which often denies them the exercise of their constitutional rights.

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The deputy controller of the Nigeria Correctional Service in Ogun, Oshi Bamidele issued the warning while speaking to newsmen during the third graduation ceremony of prison inmates in Ibara custodial centre, Abeokuta, who have undergone computer training.

He said out of the 51 inmates presented with desktop software computer training, 39 were graduating, while others have gained their release before the graduation.

He appreciated Pralarg International for organizing the computer training for the inmates who will be the third set to graduate.

The West African regional coordinator of Pralarg, Comrade Alonge Olusuyi says the organisation is expecting inmates trained to make use of the vocational skill profitably after being released.

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