Remains Of The Kenyan Tank After 11 Kenyan Soldiers Die Roadside Explosion In Somalia
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Kenyan Troops Killed In Roadside Explosion In Somalia

More than 10 Kenyan soldiers have been killed in roadside explosion in Somalia.

Five others were seriously injured when their vehicle ran over an improvised explosive device in the Gedo region, near the Kenya-Somalia border.

The names of the killed soldiers have not been revealed, but a former Kenyan presidential aspirant said on twitter that his younger brother was among the dead.

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The attack has been blamed on Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabab group which has carried out similar strikes against civilians and security forces convoys.

The soldiers killed in the roadside explosion were part of the African union mission in Somalia – a peacekeeping force deployed to the country to help the federal government fight the Al-Shabab militants.

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Recent months have seen a surge in militant attacks which have targeted public areas, government installations and security check points.

It comes as the country grapples with a much delayed parliamentary election, with analysts saying the rise in attacks is meant to scuttle the process that will culminate in the elected MPs selecting a new president.

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