Japa by Zadok Akintoye
Japa by Zadok Akintoye

Japa by Zadok Atkintoye

Japa by Zadok Akintoye

Many don’t understand why Nigerians are leaving the country. Some (hopeless probably) have tried to excuse their inability to leave by raging against those who leave. For a fact, Nigerians do love their country because of the rights of citizenship it gives. That’s not to say this is a just and equitable place but, you feel at home being home, even in all the stress.

Anyone who considers the culture of how we view things in Nigeria would want to leave. A society that values superstition above sense, where young men (and women too) now resort to human trafficking, narcotic drug peddling, crimes, rituals etc, cannot be truly said to be inspiring greatness in its people.

In less than two months, five friends have left with their family. Ask them and they’ll tell you it’s not because they are looking for soft landing but the preservation of some sense of purpose for their children. Nigerians may not be fleeing because the country is bad in infrastructure etc (which is true), but because there is a new despondent spirit being perceived by the people. There is something about the country that scares the subconscious mind but is hidden from the conscious.

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Outside of cheating, it’s difficult to become rich in this country. The realization of that fact that you need to predate heavily on your environment and it’s people, challenges the moral mind to seek refuge elsewhere. To those who have gone abroad, ensure you preserve a good name for your country, by leaving that predatory spirit behind and seeking to correct the impression that our people are often a pest to their host. Remember that our fathers stole when they were welcomed into those countries and left a bad record that our generation has to live with. Do your best to be worthy ambassadors.

The exodus of our people should be a sign of a dangerous future for our country , if the leaders have any sense of wisdom to think deeply.

If you can, please Japa and if you can’t, please do right.

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