Ghana Tightens Security Over Terrorist Attacks
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Ghana at Alert Over Possible Terrorist Attacks

Authorities in Ghana say they have increased security alert levels in the country to counter possible terrorist attacks.

National security minister Albert Kan-Dapaah warned MPS that separatists in south-eastern Ghana could be planning a new wave of attacks in the region as part of their campaign for a breakaway state of western Togo land.

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The authorities also fear ethnic tensions in northern Ghana could be exploited by armed groups to perpetrate violence.

There are concerns that militants could cross over from neighbouring Burkina Faso, where armed groups linked to the so-called Islamic state and Al-Qaeda have recently stepped up attacks.

Mr. Kan-Dapaah told MPS that the country must be proactive in the wake of rising insecurity and increased terrorist attacks in West Africa, and said security agencies have been adequately equipped to combat any threats, including beefing up security measures along the country’s border with Burkina Faso.

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