FRSC Ordered to Clampdown on Unregistered Motorcycles
Via The Whistler

  FRSC Ordered to Clampdown on Unregistered Motorcycles

Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has declared war against owners of unregistered motorcycles nationwide, as part of fresh moves to reduce the spreading insecurity.

FRSC acting Corps Marshall, Dauda Ali-Biu, ordered a nationwide clampdown on motorcycles not registered with the national vehicles identification scheme.

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Ali-Biu in a statement said that the 37 FRSC sector commanders nationwide had been directed to begin immediate clampdown on such motorcycles.

He asks the FRSC sector commanders to immediately liaise with the boards of state internal revenue service to set up a task force to include the police, and if necessary, the vehicle inspection office and major stakeholders.

He warns that owners of the unregistered motorcycles impounded must begin and complete the full registration before they are released.

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