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Rockcity INSIGHT – Following Instructions Strictly: Individual Shares Screening Experience

“I went for a job interview on Wednesday. And I failed. 32 of us, out of 34, failed the screening.

I arrived at the venue at 7:37 AM. That’s some minutes before 8 AM that we were told to arrive. I felt they might consider punctuality among the qualities to be used.

At 9 AM, we were addressed by the director. And he told us they would be employing anyone who scored a 100% on the short test we were to take. Anything less than 100, you’re disqualified.

Before we were served the question papers, we were told we have only 1 minute. The questions were a bit cheap. 10 questions in all. So, at the start time, we all began rushing to beat time. Some of us finished the 10 questions, others couldn’t.

When the HR manager collected our scripts, he went through them all in a jiffy. And he separated only 2 scripts out as he went through them. Only those 2 had passed.

At first, we were stunned at how he went through 34 scripts in less than 2 minutes and graded us all. Then he told us, there was instruction at the top of the question, “Answer only number 8.”
Question 8

The director came out and congratulated the 2 people who had cared to read instruction even with limited time given. That was how both of them were employed.

I learned a valuable lesson though: in life, always read/follow instructions. Finishing a task is not as important as doing it as you were/are told to…

Mankind is where we are today because the first man and woman failed to follow God’s instruction. Learn to follow instructions

God bless you all🙏🙏 Have a blessed weekend!”

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