Cost Of Living Rises In Russia
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Cost of Living Soars In Russia As Its Forces Battle to Overrun Ukraine

The cost of living in Russia is surging, according to new data, following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Videos on social media show shoppers scrambling to buy sugar and buckwheat at supermarkets in Moscow.

The federal state statistics service said the cost of sugar rose by as much as 37.1% in certain regions of the country and increased by an average 14%.

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Sugar, which is commonly used to preserve food or make liquor, was the biggest gainer in the week,

Prices for onions was the second biggest riser over the week, up 13.7% nationwide and 40.4% in some areas.

Meanwhile, nappies grew 4.4% more expensive. Prices for black tea rose 4% and toilet paper increased by 3%.

A large number of western businesses have pulled out of Russia because of the war in Ukraine and this has caused a rise in the cost of living.

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