Burna Boy Resumes Dragging Davido, Calls Him A Pu**Y
Burna Boy Resumes Dragging Davido, Calls Him A Pu**Y

Burna Boy Resumes Dragging Davido, Calls Him A Pu**Y

Burna Boy Resumes Dragging Davido, Calls Him A Pu**Y

Singer Burna Boy has found himself embroiled in yet another round of controversy as he continues to engage in a heated feud with X users, with his latest target being fellow artiste Davido, whom he referred to using derogatory language.

The latest escalation in the feud occurred after a user on the X platform labeled Burna Boy as a big shame in a tweet dated February 12, 2024.

This prompted Burna Boy to respond in the early hours of February 13, 2024, as he defended himself against accusations of ingratitude towards Davido.

In his response, Burna Boy referenced screenshots of his past congratulatory messages to Davido, dating back to 2018.

However, the user persisted in accusing Burna Boy of arrogance and ingratitude, even going as far as to pray for his downfall.

The exchange between Burna Boy and the user reflects a deeper tension within the Nigerian music industry and the perceptions surrounding artists’ relationships and loyalties.

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It also underscores the power dynamics at play in celebrity interactions, especially in the realm of social media.

Furthermore, Burna Boy’s decision to insult Davido in his response adds another layer of intensity to the ongoing feud.

By using offensive language to refer to Davido, Burna Boy further stokes the flames of controversy and invites scrutiny from both fans and critics alike.

It’s worth noting that this latest exchange between Burna Boy and X users comes amidst a backdrop of heightened emotions on social media, particularly following Nigeria’s disappointing performance in the AFCON tournament.

Burna Boy had previously taken a swipe at Davido during this period, referring to him as a Joke, a move that garnered significant attention and criticism from various quarters.

The ongoing feud between Burna Boy and X users serves as a reminder of the complexities of celebrity culture and how social media platforms amplify and magnify interpersonal conflicts.

As the saga continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how both Burna Boy and Davido will navigate the fallout and whether they will be able to find common ground amidst the chaos.

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