President Buhari
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Buhari Says APC Will Survive National Convention Crisis Stronger

President Buhari has assured that the APC will not implode before the March 26 national convention or the 2023 polls, as being speculated in some quarters.

He promised those forecasting the collapse of the party, due to the crisis over its congresses, that they would be disappointed.

Buhari spoke on the APC crisis, while answering questions from the state house. correspondents, before departing for his two week routine medical checkup in London.

According to Buhari, the APC would come out of the crisis stronger, after the national convention and the 2023 polls.

He said that the APC has the capacity to overcome its current challenges and successfully conduct the national convention.

Buhari also said that Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, is in charge of federal government as he travelled to London for a routine two week medical trip to London.

The president said Osinbajo is constitutionally in charge whenever he travelled out of the country.

He explains that his absence would not affect governance because he is always aware of developments within the country anytime he is outside Nigeria.


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