Abiodun Says Some Apc Allies Voted Against Him During Governorship Poll
Abiodun Says Some Apc Allies Voted Against Him During Governorship Poll

Abiodun Says Some Apc Allies Voted Against Him During Governorship Poll

Abiodun Says Some APC Allies Voted Against Him During Governorship Poll

Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun state has accused some of his close political allies of betraying him during the last Saturday’s governorship poll.

Abiodun, reflecting on the poll which gave his a second term in office, said he was stabbed in the back, and disappointed by those APC regards as friends during the poll.

The governor, addressing APC supporters while returning to his Iperu hometown after the poll,  said those he regarded as political allies voted against him during the poll.

Abiodun recalled that even in the bible, it was recorded that jesus christ was betrayed despite all the good things he did.

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He, however, said that election has come and gone and thanks god for giving him victory, and people for standing behind him.

According to the governor, the last Saturday’s poll had shown that man would always be man, and that God would forever remains God.

There is nothing modest about the huge contributions the Abiodun administration has made and continues to make in the development of Ogun in line with his ‘Building Our Future Together’ agenda and the I-S-E-Y-A mantra.

In less than four years, Governor Abiodun has given the good people of Ogun the kind of focused and qualitative governance that they could previously only dream of. His administration has created an enabling environment for a public-private partnership to thrive and has empowered the youths, women, and other vulnerable populations through various interventions and programmes.

More than anything else, the governor has succeeded in retaining the confidence of his supporters and gaining the trust of hitherto foes simply by anchoring his ‘Building Our Future Together’ agenda on inclusiveness, equity, fairness, transparency, accountability, justice, and obedience to the rule of law.

Since the disgraceful political drama of 2019, APC Youth League has been marking February 11 with what they call “Freedom Walk”. During their walks, they carry placards with different inscriptions through major streets like: “Freedom From Do-or-Die Politics”.


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