9th Matriculation: Chrisland VC Urges Nigerian Universities to Equip Students with Relevant Skills

9th Matriculation: Chrisland VC Urges Nigerian Universities to Equip Students with Relevant Skills

9th Matriculation: Chrisland VC Urges Nigerian Universities to Equip Students with Relevant Skills

The Vice Chancellor of Chisland University, Ajebo Abeokuta, Professor Chinedum Babalola, has called upon universities in Nigeria to equip their students with relevant skills to thrive in these challenging times.

She emphasized the importance of training students to utilize their fields of study at the university to address economic challenges and emerge as winners rather than losers.

Professor Babalola made the call on Thursday during the colorful ninth matriculation ceremony at its campus at Kilometer 5, along Ajebo Road, Owode, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

According to the Vice Chancellor, every department in universities needs to shift their focus in teaching towards how their respective professions could provide solutions to the current situation in the country.

Professor Babalola also stressed the need for lecturers to enhance students’ orientation, promoting a growth mindset rather than a fixed one.

The Vice-Chancellor announced that 394 matriculating students would graduate with two certificates: a B.Sc. and an entrepreneurship and leadership certificate, adding that the number of programs being offered has increased from nine to 22.

The guest speaker, also Dr. Kate Isa, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Katchey Company Limited, urged matriculating students to strive for academic excellence and aim for either a first-class or 2.1 degree.

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She emphasized the competitiveness of Nigeria’s current environment, where organizations seek top talent to navigate the economic challenges.

Drawing from her own success story, Dr. Isa urged students and youth with ambitious visions to remain resilient against negativity and pursue their dreams diligently, disregarding discouraging remarks.

Dr. Isa lectured the students on various ways to win and succeed in their academics.

She listed effective time management, getting a mentor, building a supportive network, and setting realistic academic goals as some of the measures to succeed academically.

“Winning is not about perfection, it’s about progress. Be kind to yourself, be persistent, and believe in your potential.

“What will success look like to you at the end of your journey here, You have to define that today. You have to embrace this journey, find your purpose, and evolve into the best version of yourself,” she said.

“At your age, you might feel the weight of expectations and the excitement of possibilities.

“Embrace both and remember life is not a sprint, it is a marathon. It is about consistent effort, learning from each step, and enjoying the process. Life is a journey filled with ups and downs,” she said.

Isa explained that there was no problem in seeking further education abroad but advised the students to always return and join in fixing the country.

“Go abroad, acquire knowledge, and come back to fix Nigeria. Do not japa,” she pleaded with the students.

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